Speak to What Clients Want

If you speak to what clients want and not to what you think they want or need, you will connect with them better.

The problem is, we consistently have a tough time getting out of our brains and into theirs. In reality, we shouldn’t have that problem.

I mean we talk to our clients every day and we listen to what they’re complaining about. But then when we go write blog posts or post on Facebook it always turns into what we know they need!

I Don’t Know What Clients Want?

Market Your Dog Training Business

When I’m selling our dog training on the phone to potential clients, one of the main ways I connect with them is by listening to and understanding their needs; not what I know they need. It’s not hard to do, I just had to train myself to do it – listen to them, that is.

When you truly listen they will tell you exactly what they need. This allows you to speak to what clients want which in turn builds your dog training classes, workshops, writes your blogs posts and posts on Facebook in a way they’ll think you’ve been reading their minds!

Let Them Tell You


An awesome way to find how to speak to what clients want is to survey them. Once again, it you are not giving some great free training away to collect names and emails then you will have very hard time marketing to potential clients- as you won’t know who they are.

But let’s say you do have an email list – how to you get them to tell you what they want? Survey Monkey is a free tool you can use to survey your email list.

Here’s how you could ask a question that can bring to light many dog behavior issues your clients may be having. You would phrase the question like this:
What is your expectation of how your dog should behave when company comes over?

Do you see how many different behaviors this could uncover? What they do at the front door when the doorbell rings, how do they act when they people come in the door, how do they act when the people sit down, walk around, get ready to leave.

You just opened a wonderful can of worms!

That’s an open ended question you can ask then you might want to ask one or two more that could be yes/no or even better, fill in the blanks.

Everything they say to you lets you hear their biggest struggles. You my friend have just given yourself a boat load of things to blog about, do classes on or post on Facebook.

Remember in today’s world, people check you out via your blog and social media before they do business with you. When what you say either on your website or Facebook is said in a way they can connect with, you will be their dog trainer of choice.

Market Your Dog Training BusinessLeila Martin, is the brains behind the success of petiquettedog.com on the marketing side. She has run our online and offline marketing system since 2006. Leila’s ability to grow our online presence using both a website and social media in the dog training world has been a critical part of petiquettedog.com success .

She has tripled the number of visitors to our website and increased our revenue by 25% each year. Our appointment book is always filled.
Bottom line: We do what we teach and we teach what we do.

In her spare time Leila can be seen in her office dancing with our black lab Sammy Burwell

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