SIT STAY A Must Have Command


A reliable sit stay is a must have command. But most people don’t train this at all or train it haphazardly.

Have you ever wondered how you could get a better sit stay or down stay with your dog?

I’ve been training on platforms and tables for years, so using a platform to train your dog on will make your job a lot easier. It will literally accelerate your training.

Sit Stay and the Magic of a Platform

It works because dogs instinctively want to gravitate to a higher level. Hopping up on a platform is something that they instinctively want to do. Plus, the platform will give them a more definitive boundary of where they need to stay.

What Is A Sit Stay Platform

What is a platform? Well a platform is something like a box, you could use a Kuranda Bed, that’s a PVC framed dog bed.

You can also use a Klimb platform,  which is specifically made to train dogs on. You can stack them and make them larger if you want. It’s almost kind of like a Lego set for dogs.

That’s a platform that is about, it’s probably about 10 inches high. It’s an interesting concept, I’ve been doing it for years and it’s worked very well for me.

Once your dog is up there, they are less likely to want to get off of the platform.

The more you train sit stay on the platform, the more fun the dog has going to his school room or platform to work for you.

Sit Stay On A Platform  –  Work on impulse control

Think about using platforms to train your dog on stationary commands, like sits and downs, and also go to your place.

It can also be transferred to dog beds later on as he begins to learn to stay on his place, or his platform.

Think about that, I’m Jim Burwell, this is Keeper. Hey Keep, come say hi. He’s too busy looking out the window, he wants to go to day camp, so that’s where we’re at. You guys take care, I will post a link to the Klimb platform for you once I get this video up. You can explore that, and also Google search Kuranda Beds.

You guys take care. Keeper, I better get him to day camp, he’s getting a little impatient. I’ll see you later.

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