Dog Training Business and the Barbie Band Aide

Grow Your Dog Training Business: The Barbie Band-aid

One way to grow your dog business is of course, to be consistently good at your training that you do IN your business. That’s a given if you’re going to succeed.

Let’s not forget that you also have to work ON your business. This can mean many things such as:

  • Is your website attractive and easy to navigate?
  • Do you consistently have great content on your website?
  • Are you marketing your business to your target market?

Getting people to call you or to come to your website or your Facebook page is only the start of how to grow your dog training business.

All those typical things that business coaches talk about.  But I’m not a business coach.  I do what I teach.  I’m a dog trainer’s wife who very successfully markets our dog training business online locally—everyday.

This is what I do know. Working on your business should be more than just crunching numbers or figuring out what’s your next marketing “move”. More than ever before, except maybe in the 50’s a big part of working ON your business is about relationships with clients and other people. I talk about this quite in a bit in my article about the rules changing. It’s critical.

Let me tell you a story

This is about a little girl, a puppy and a Barbie Band-Aid and how that was working ON our business by building a relationship.

A new client, who follows us on Facebook called Jim to come work with their new 10 week old puppy. The puppy was really for the little girl so Jim went out of his way to engage her in the training. As he was working the puppy on a sit and was giving the food treat reward, those razor sharp puppy teeth connected with Jim’s finger and of course it started bleeding.

The little girl ran and got Jim a “Barbie” Band-Aid and put it on his finger so he would be okay and Jim continued with the lesson. At the end of the lesson as Jim was leaving, the little girl checked his Band-Aid, and said that “Barbie” would make it all better, just like her mother tells her.
Not thinking too much about it, other than it was cute, Jim put the Barbie Band-Aid picture onto his Facebook page and we were amazed at the feedback that post got.

We were not selling anything, we were not giving dog advice, and we were just letting folks see a really endearing gesture on the part of a little girl and her puppy.

People on Facebook were all over that picture with kind words. Her dad showed it to his co-workers at his office and her mom had all her book club ladies talking about it.

How’s that about working ON our business?

Because business today is also about relationships and all we did was to take what we do IN our business and let folks see into our world and some of the really cute, neat things that happen in Jim’s everyday life with other dog owners.

Want to draw more people to you and grow your dog training business? Let folks get to know you. Share some of yourself that’s not all about dog training.

That’s one great way to work ON your business. Do that with integrity. It’s real and natural and should be easy for you.


Jim Burwell's PetiquetteLeila Martin, is the talent behind the success of on the marketing side. She has run our online and offline marketing system since 2006. Leila’s ability to grow our online presence using both a website and social media in the dog training world has been a critical part of success . She has tripled the number of visitors to our website and increased our revenue by more than 25% each year. Our appointment book is always filled.

Bottom line: We do what we teach and we teach what we do.

In her spare time Leila can be seen in her office dancing with our black lab Sammy Burwell


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