Grow Your Dog Business - The Eyes Have It

Grow Your Dog Business: The Eyes Have It

What do I mean by the eyes have it when it comes to growing your dog training business.

Simply put, the more “eyes” that find your business, the more potential clients you have.

Let’s look at typical ways you, as the dog training business owner, are probably trying to get more clients for your business, have more people know about you and check you out.


Brochures and Newsletters

These are tried and true ways of trying to generate business. The down side to these two things are, they are expensive to produce, if you do it well; they are only accessible in places that you’ve “thought” to put them and most importantly, they rarely if ever generate an immediate phone call to you and never generate a “click” on your website URL.

That last part there, that’s really really important.

Vet Referrals

It’s always nice to have a vet referral. We certainly do appreciate ours. But it’s a tedious, unreliable source of new clients. Vets are busy and they don’t want to be shuffling all your brochures and newsletter around trying to remember to hand them out.

Ads in Magazines or Newspapers

Again, super expensive and they just don’t generate customers like they used to. Rule of thumb: it takes 7 exposures to an ad before a potential client will take an action. That’s a lot of money to keep that ad going forever and ever and ever.

Now let’s get to the good stuff

There are over 2 billion people on Social Media every single day!

If you understand how to use Social Media and your website together it is an incredibly easy path for your customers to follow and find you.

Dog training and Social Media are a marriage made in heaven! People love pictures of dogs and puppies. Dog training right now is a super-hot market and is only going to get stronger.

Can Your Customer Find You Online?

If they can’t then you are literally handing over your potential clients to your competitor.

The way all of this works together is really quite simple and is just a matter of learning the process and then rinse and repeat. It’s common sense really.

Local internet traffic will come to you if your website is engaging, easy to navigate and has fresh content on it regularly. Social Media is a great way to also get traffic to your website and it lends authority to your website and vice versa.

As I said before, “the eyes have it”

More eyes on your website and your Facebook page means your appointment book gets filled up.

Getting a new customer no longer has to be a hard sell. When you’ve done Your job of getting your website up and you are engaging on Your Facebook page dog owners in your area will come to read about what you have to say.

They will watch how others interact with you. They will see clients whose dogs you’ve trained sing your praises on Facebook.

Social Media and your website become the entrance doors to relating and engaging with future, current and past customers. A level of trust begins as they learn more about you.

I don’t care what anyone else out there is saying. The way you interact with dog owners using Social Media and your Website is the beginning of that customer relationship. It is then, up to you to make sure you fix their dog!

Jim Burwell's PetiquetteLeila Martin, is the brains behind the success of on the marketing side. She has run our online and offline marketing system since 2006. Leila’s ability to grow our online presence using both a website and social media in the dog training world has been a critical part of success

She has consistently tripled the number of visitors to our website and increased our revenue by 25% each year. Our appointment book is always filled.  Bottom line: We do what we teach and we teach what we do.

In her spare time Leila can be seen in her office dancing with our black lab Sammy Burwell

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