Abused rescued dog training videos 1 and 2






We have now added video # 2.  In this video I am teaching Sandy how to do the obedience command “go to place”  It’s a great command to use to give your dog an alternative behavior to do instead of begging at the table and other nuisance behaviors. Enjoy

Here’s Sandy’s first video.  I spent about 15 minutes working with her on some basic obedience commands.   She learned how to sit, how to lay down and how to stand.  She is absolutely adorable, sweet temperament, and smart as a whip.  Stay tuned for video updates on this page.





Also if you think this little girl deserves a great home, please hit the LIKE button at the top or bottom of this post.  Let’s get the word out about this absolutely spectacular dog!  Enjoy the video


Jim Burwell is a “thanks for making the impossible, possible” professional dog trainer having trained 20,000+ dogs and counting and serving more than 7,000 clients. Jim’s easy to follow, common sense, and positive methods have made him the “dog trainer of choice” for 30 years. One of his clients says it best:
There are people who are so good at, and passionate about, what they do, that in their presence, one can’t help thinking that they have found their true calling and are doing exactly what they should be doing on this earth. Jim is one of these rare people. His quiet and understated manner, his effective technique for training dogs (and their families) is something which I feel fortunate to have witnessed and in which to have been an active participant

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  1. Faye Van Buren
    Faye Van Buren says:

    Hi Jim, Great little dog. So glad you could save her. A special home is waiting for little Sandy.

    As you know, our Sam, our most wonderful and loyal lab/mix was severly abused when we found each other. That was about 8 yrs ago. We love and adore our sweet Sam as I am sure someone is waiting to give this dog the perfect home.

    Paws up from Sam and Sabrina with lots of love and appreciation from our family for your great work.

    Faye and Charles Van Buren

  2. Sharon O'Day
    Sharon O'Day says:

    What a sweetheart! Someone is going to fall in love … and have a love affair for life … thanks to the work you’re doing. I know, I know, that’s what it’s all about. But, hats off!

  3. LJ
    LJ says:

    This is such a great story about this dog. It all came together to save this little girl. First BARC rescued her from certain death. Then Central Houston Animal Clinic saved her by getting the embedded rope out of her neck and healing the 1″ deep gash around her entire throat. Then Jim Burwell steps in to help give her what she needs to be in a great home.

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